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Contested Will Claims

Specialist legal advice is needed when family members find themselves in a position where they not only have to cope with a death, but they learn that the Will is not what was expected, or if there is no Will in place to record how the deceased wanted his or her affairs to be handled after death.

We can handle the following cases:

  • Where there is a dispute about the interpretation of a Will.
  • If a family member is left with insufficient financial provision as a result of the terms of a Will.
  • If there is no Will and a dispute about how the intestacy rules should apply.
  • If a family member considers that another family member has exerted undue influence over the deceased, leading to a Will being prepared that is out of the ordinary.
  • If the deceased did not have sufficient mental capacity to know that he or she was making a Will or understand the terms of the Will.

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